If you’re not aware of the new Halfpixel storefront, Halfpixelstuff.com, you may be missing out on some great opportunities to get some really choice swag from the creators of PvP and Starslip Crisis (my Webcomics Weekly pals, Scott Kurtz and Kristofer Straub, respectively).

Scott was just saying that he’s getting emails from people looking for the PvP books, and a lot of them don’t realize that they can order books straight from him — and get them personalized and sketched-in.

It’s like being at a comic con without the smell of fanboy!

So here’s the deal… Scott has announced a special four-book package offer. All four PvP books at a discounted price. They ship straight to your door with his autograph on each. If you order a PvP book pack this week, he’ll do a sketch in one of the books for FREE! Just choose which book you want as an artists edition and you’re good to go!

PvP books are available, and if you can’t find them at your local book store or comic book shop, just head over to Halfpixelstuff.com and check out the PvP book pack on the main page.