I gotta tell you, I’m just not feeling the new run of Suicide Squad. I’ve been through the first two issues, and I’m completely lukewarm. There’s a couple reasons. For starters, I’m getting thisclose to being over Amanda “The Wall” Waller. Really. She’s a great character, but she’s pretty much reached her stauration level in the DC universe.

And dialogue like “I’m fat, black, cranky, and menopausal! You do not want to mess with me!” doesn’t help. And neither do exchanges like:

“Payback’s a bitch.”
“That’s right. And I’m just the bitch to do it!”


Also, I guess I got spoiled by Gail Simone’s work on Villians United. That was the pinnacle series of super-villain team-up. And you know why — besides a very tight, little plot?

Gail took campy villains like Mad Hatter and made them A-list baddies. That’s what a villain team-up is all about. You don’t necessarily want Lex and the Joker (although I have to admit, I’m much more excited about the Injustice Society in the current JLA run these days). What you want is Cat Man, Deadshot, Venom, Ragdoll and a Paradaemon! You want a band of losers, griping their way through a take-charge plot.

So why don’t I like Modok’s 11?

I’ll get back to you on that.