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This week’s question:

Q: My girlfriend and I have been together for over a year. She spent much of that year abroad in France while I finished up school. We both hooked up with other people during that time but we were always open and honest about it. The only thing is that she "fell" for a French guy while over there. (How stereotypical is that?) She’s been home for a few months now and our relationship has been bipolar — one day she tells me she loves me and could see herself spending the rest of her life with me, the other she’s miles away. It’s been hard to deal with this but I have been very patient with her because I love her and am committed to "us." We’re both young and dumb and dealing with emotions that are bigger then us, but how much is too much? The French guy just came for a week’s visit . . . I am not sure what their status is, but I will see her when he leaves. I think it’s impossible to leave some one that I love, but I am finally going to give her the ultimatum, me or him. Good move?

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