Taking stock in super-villains

Salvation Run 1: The villains of the DC universe all take a huge leap in VQ ratings this week as Salvation Run 1 hits newsstands today. The first issues of the seven-part Salvation Run looks to be an extremely promising read. From DC:

“Don’t miss the stunning debut issue of a 7-part miniseries written by Bill Willingham (SHADOWPACT, FABLES) with art by superstar Sean Chen (Iron Man, X-Men: The End) and Walden Wong (COUNTDOWN TO MYSTERY, DAY OF VENGEANCE)! The world has finally had enough of the villains of the DCU — so they’re exiling the evildoers to another planet, where they’ll be left to their own diabolical devices! Who will thrive…and who will survive?”

I’m in. The DC villains as a group earn a VQ rating of 8.

Don’t let me down, fellas. I got all excited over the villain angle in Countdown only to be rewarded with week after week of thinly veiled gay jokes between Pied Piper and the Trickster…

(If you have a suggestion for “TWiV,” please let me know.)