When a cartoonist of the caliber of Dave Kellett comes out with a collection of strips, it’s a cause for celebration. Kellett’s work on Sheldon is among the very best to be found anywhere — Web or print — in comics today.

And, since Dave’s wife is currently sidelined by the writer’s strike, buying a book right now helps to ensure a happy holiday for a family that has brought way more than its fair share of happiness into our lives.

From the Sheldon site:

The fourth Sheldon collection is here, and it is pretty dang cool. Here’s the scoop: Like all Sheldon books, this one brings you all your favorite strips in high-resolution, showing you the little details you can’t see online. It collects every single strip since ‘62% More Awesome’, plus a specially-formatted, expanded version of the Saturday-Only Storyline ‘Good Luck, Baby Duck’. There’s even special stuff you can’t find online. It’s everything you could ever want in a single book, unless there was some way a book could also include a Hot Fudge Sundae. Which, let’s be honest, WOULD BE RAD. But until that magical day comes, this is the book for you.