Taking stock of super-villains

Psimon: The second issue of Salvation Run brought the death of Psimon, a villain with formidable telekinetic and psychic powers.

Unfortunately, he didn’t predict a direct frontal assault by the Joker — namely a rock applied firmly and repeatedly to the glass jar that puts Psimon’s brian on 24-hour display.

Psimon had an intellect far beyond anyone else’s on the Deathworld “by many orders of magintude” — or so he told Dr, Hugo Strange.

Funny. All that brainpower. In a glass skull. How much brainpower would it have taken to come up with the complex concept of a helmet?

I guess we’ll never know.

Brad Guigar

Psimon drops to a VQ rating of 1… until the ubiquitous resurrection.

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