Evil Inc was the subject of a very good review from Webcomic Overlook, a tremendous blog that focuses on — you guessed it — reviews of webcomics you may have overlooked. Big thanks to El Santo who took an awful lot of time to do a detailed dissection of the strip!

An excerpt:

Perhaps Brad Guigar harbors a similar affection for supervillians. After all, he’s the creator and artist behind Evil Inc., a webcomic about a corporation run by supervillains for supervillains.

In fact, there’s a very good chance Mr. Guigar is himself a supervillian. Wikipedia states that he was born in a place called Bad Axe, Michigan, which is — I shouldn’t have to tell you — a wee bit suspicious. To get any more nefarious, you’ve gotta travel 150 miles down to Hell, Michigan … and don’t think that thought hasn’t crossed Mr. Guigar’s fiendish mind.

(Psst… El Santo… It hasn’t….)