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This week’s question…

My husband and I have been married for 20 years. We have three children and I am committed to the “long term” of this marriage. We seemed sexually compatible during courtship. Shortly after the honeymoon, we had sex less and less (he is a big hunter and the “hunt” was over!) Now we are down to two or three times a year and only if HE feels like it. This just makes me want to cry. Over the years we have tried counselling, medical doctors, testosterone therapy, talking, honesty and everything I can think of. I have learned not to ask, caress or flirt as not to risk repeated rejection. Sometimes I feel like I am slowly dying inside. My husband knows all this and I think he cares and loves me but because he has a very low sex drive, it is not an issue for him. He believes that I am putting too much emphasis on sex in a marriage and that it is not what makes a good marriage. I believe that a true intimate relationship is very important. I have no interest in anyone besides my husband. I guess I am closer and closer to giving up totally. What a shame, part of me feels like I am wasting my life. Am I putting too much emphasis on sex?

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