You may notice a new logo over the comics starting today — ones that look like the one to the right. When you click the “TRANSCRIBE THIS COMIC” button, you get taken to a place in which you can transcribe the comic.

It’s really easy. You simply write down the words from each panel and a little description if necessary.

And I really need the help! The transcription function hasn’t been active for a long time and I have a lot of comics to catch up with.

Having transcribed comics means that when someone uses the search engine under the comic, you can find comics that include the search terms.

As an example, here’s how today’s comic would be transcribed:

[[Desdemona looking out window in Evil Atom’s office]] / Desdemona: Why change the name to “Villain Zone?” / Evil Atom: It’s a good move. Oculore doesn’t have name recognition. He doesn’y have an identifiable face. Or a face.

Desdemona: But why now? And why the bid ad push? / Evil Atom: Of COURSE! He’s hired a marketing team!

Evil Atom: Where’s MY marketing team? / Desdemona: Working overtime on the Gorgon case.

[[Scene changes to Samantha addressing a press conference, with a large creature, Gorgon, standing behind her in a suit.]] / Off-camera voice: Can you comment on the reampage through the downtown area? / Samanth: No thanks necessary. Seeing the city grasp this chance for renewal is thanks enough.

Don’t worry if you can’t fill in a specific name or event. I approve all of the transcriptions before they go live, so I can fill in any blanks.

If you’d really like to dive in, go here for a list of comics that need to be transcribed, I really appreciate your help on this! It adds an incredible amount of functionality to the site!