I’m still reeling from finally seeing my copy of “How To Make Webcomics!” The book hit comic-shop shelves Wednesday and the response has been overwhelming. We’ve been aching for you guys to see the results of our work for months, and now that it’s out, we’re thrilled by how much people are enjoying it.

Here’s a list of chapter headings for the book, and a breakdown of the author who steered each:

Introduction (Scott Kurtz)

Chapter 1: Your Webcomic (Dave Kellett)

Chapter 2: Your Characters (Scott Kurtz)
Chapter 3: Formatting (Kris Straub)

Chapter 4: Image Preparation (Brad Guigar)

Chapter 5: Writing (Scott Kurtz)
Chapter 6: Website Design (Kris Straub)

Chapter 7: Branding & Building (Scott Kurtz)
Chapter 8: Interacting with your Audience (Dave Kellett)

Chapter 9: Monetizing your Webcomic (Dave Kellett)

Chapter 10: Books (Brad Guigar)

Chapter 11: Conventions (Brad Guigar)

Chapter 12: Next Steps (Kris Straub)

Chapter 13: A Final Thought (Dave Kellett)

You’ll notice, as soon as you start reading the book, that all four of us are heard from throughout the book — even in chapters we didn’t author — by piping in via sidebars, or voice-bubble “chime-ins” to the topic at hand. It makes for a more interesting read, to see where four artists agree and disagree.

Here are some shots of sample pages: