I’m thisclose to submitting my order to the printer for Evil Inc Annual Report, Vol. 3, and it just hit me… I forgot to tell you guys why this book is so important to me!

This book marks my official transition to self-publishing. This will not be a print-on-demand product. I will be printing the books in bulk, storing them and handling orders, distribution and shipping myself.

If I can make this work, it’s going to be a huge step in what I’ve been building with this site.

Thanks to the strong preorders I have almost enough funds to place my order. If you haven’t placed an order yet, I can’t encourage you strongly enough to do so now!

You have six options for ordering! You can get the book itself or a special Artist’s Edition with an original, signed sketch.

You can also get your order bundled with Volume Two or with both Volume Two and Volume One! Check out this page for the details!

If you haven’t seen the inside of the Annual Report series, you’ll want to check out the sneak preview. Instead of the usual comic-strip collection, I take the individual panels from the strips and lay out a graphic novel. It’s a tremendous way to experience the comic that you’re going to love.

CLICK HERE to see a PDF with a few sample pages.

Or go here to see the same sample as a series of Web pages.

[NOTES: 80 pages, b&w, 8.5 x 11″. Your pre-order of “Evil Inc Annual Report vol. 3” will be shipping in May, once the order for the books has been placed and the books have arrived.]

$15 + $4.00 shipping

$15 + $6.00 shipping

GET THE ARTIST EDITION FOR $23! In the Artist Edition, I do a signed sketch in the book before shipping it to your door.

$23 + $4.00 shipping

$23 + $6.00 shipping

BUY TWO OR MORE VOLUMES AND SAVE! If you’re missing one of the earlier volumes, this is a great time to get them packaged with your pre-order. Click here for details on all of the packages available with the Volume Three Preorders!