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This week’s question…

A reader writes… Q: My friend likes to play tennis, and he’s good at it. A couple times a month, he plays with a female co-worker about his age who’s at his skill level. His wife is taking extreme issue with this. It’s not that he doesn’t want to play tennis with his wife, it’s just that he likes the better “competition” he gets when playing with the co-worker since his wife isn’t a good tennis player. The relationship between the friend and co-worker is completely platonic. I’ve always known this guy to be honest and honorable. His wife is insisting that he either find someone else to play with (none of his other friends play tennis), or to stop the activity entirely. She thinks you just shouldn’t do “stuff like that” alone with a member of the opposite sex. Concerns about cheating have never been an issue before. Is the wife being reasonable? Or should my friend stand up for himself and tell her to get over her jealousy?

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