As of noon today,the first salvo of mailings for the Vol. 3 preorders have been shipped.

This includes everyone who ordered non-signed Vol. 3 and Vol. 2 books — both national and international.

Orders that included Vol. 1 will be slightly delayed because I sold way more than I expected of the Vol. 1 books in New York last weekend. Those orders will go out the minute the new shipment of Vol. 1 books arrive.

Today, my beautiful wife packed both boys into the car and drove off for an overnight stay in Central Pennsylvania so I could have the entire weekend to work on Artist Edition sketches.

For all of you spouses and significant others of webcartoonists: That is how it’s done. While I was taping the Webcomics Weekly podcast last night, she was addressing envelopes and filling out Delivery Confirmation forms. Love isn’t just something you say, folks…

The photo above shows the first round of shipments. That large pile in the middle is envelopes that are waiting for Artist Edition books. which is why I need to wrap this post up soon and get back to the drawing board!

Meanwhile, this is an excellent time to place your order.