By the end of the day Saturday, I had sold all of my copies of the How To Make Webcomics as well as all the copies of Evil Inc Annual Report Vol. 1 and almost all the copies of Evil Inc Annual Report Vol. 2 and Evil Inc Annual Report Vol. 3.

Luckily, my wife had actually formed a plan for exactly that eventuality. She did a little research and found out that you can ship packages via Greyhound. I gotta give Greyhound its proper credit. I always sneered at the thought of taking a bus to an event — preferring the train or a car for local events. But Greyhound was amazingly easy, very clean and comfortable, and — get this — ludicrously cheap.

My trip to New York cost me about $21 — round trip. I couldn’t get there by train one way for that. And they made the trip in about an hour-and-a-half both times.

Plus, when I called my wife and told her about the sell-outs, she told me that she could ship me more books via Greyhound. She packaged a bunch of HTMW books and a bunch of Vol. 2 books I had left over, and she dropped them off at the Greyhound station in Philly at 7 p.m.

At 9:30 p.m., I walked over to the Port Authority Bus Terminal and picked the box up. Absolutely no problems whatsoever.

The thirty-pound box cost $20 to ship. Do you know how badly FedEx or UPS would have stung me for that?

Greyhound was a key reason at that NYCC was such a great convention for me.

And here’s another reason. I met a tremendous selection of cool Evil Inc readers. You guys are the main reason I look forward to conventions the way kids look forward to Christmas! We talked comics, traded gossip, and just generally enjoyed the convention together. I can’t thank you all enough for coming out.

All except for this guy. —->
He tried to steal my banner. I had to throw down with a little Kung Fu. Lessons were learned…