It’s the first of May and that means that we are only ten days away from one of the Very Best comic conventions in the continental United States. Folks, it just doesn’t get better than the Emerald City Comic Convention. If you’re anywhere near Seattle on May 10-11, it’s a Must-Be event. If you’re not, you should be making plans to get there.

It’s not only the impressive guest list and the cool exhibitors Jim Demonakos and his crew put together. It’s not only the fact that this is a comic-book fan’s comic-book convention. This convention stands apart for one very special reason.

This is one of only two planned events in which all four authors of the How To Make Webcomics book are going to be together to sell, sign and sketch copies of the HTMW book. If you’ve been wanting to pick up a copy — or get yours signed by all four authors — this is the moment.

It’s also significant for Evil Inc fans in that it will be a chance to get your mitts on the newest Evil Inc graphic novel, Evil Inc Annual Report Vol. 3. More than just a collection of the daily strips, this book takes the individual panels of those strips and creates a continuous graphic novel.

Of course, I’ll have available volumes one and two, so you can pick up any that you’re missing. And I’ll have copies of the latest Courting Disaster collection.

And if that isn’t enough… Scott, Kris, Dave and I will be doing a live version of our popular Webcomics Weekly Podcast at the convention. It’s Sunday at 11 a.m., so bring a cup of coffee — as well as your questions and comments on webcartooning. We’re hoping to tape this and release it as its own podcast episode, so start learning how to whistle the theme song now.