As we’ve mentioned on the podcast, a few typographical errors snuck through our editing system and into the How To Make Webcomics book.

Our dedicated readers have been kindly pointing them out to us. And — no fooling — we’re super-appreciative of each one that gets pointed out because when we’re ready to put out the second edition, we’re going to be so much further ahead.

So, to those of you who have sent one of us a private e-mail with a typo spotted: Thank you. (I only mention prive e-mail because that’s the easiest way for any of us to keep track of all of this stuff in the long term).

But some of you guys are being incredibly creative in how you’re pointing out the odd slip-of-the-keyboard.

Like Rasmus Pettersson did in a recent installment of his webcomic, Glitchtown.

Well-lead punchline… clean art… keen attention to detail (look at the comic on the screen in the last panel)… this guy was doing more than looking for typos when he read our book. The lad was paying attention. Nicely done, Rasmus.

Now get back to work.