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This week’s question…

A reader writes… Q: I’ve been married to a wonderful woman for five years and have known her for 10. She is fun, caring, witty, smart, interesting, and a great mother. I love her very much, but in the last several years our sex life has become nonexistent. This is partly because she is never the aggressor, and mostly because I have to admit I’m not physically attracted anymore to this woman whom I love. She’s not unattractive, although she has gained weight since I first met her (but so have I), especially since our child was born. How can I force myself to be turned on by someone who used to do so but doesn’t anymore? This must happen to most couples around the world as they get older and change — I guess it’s the difference between love and lust — but how do I stay faithful in a relationship if the attraction isn’t there anymore?

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