Taking stock of super-villains

Super Skrull Army: The last time we checked in with Super Skrull, he was receiving an Evil Inc Employee-of-the-Month honor for trouncing of the Illuminati and introducing a couple dogglegangers. As I foretold then, the appearance of these other Super Skrulls — one that seemed to be an amalgam of X-Men powers and another which was Avengers-themed — was a clear harbinger of more Super Skrulls based on teams Marvel heroes.

Now, I was hoping for an Alpha Flight Super Skrull and a Great Lakes Avengers Super Skrull. But the ones that are popping up in Secret Invasion #3 seem pretty cool, too.

So… It’s time to re-adjust the VQ rating for the Skrulls from their former score to a new one that reflects this new energy.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak of Secret Invasion #3 courtesy of IGN.com. Enjoy.

[IGN.com] Secret Invasion #2 focused heavily on the Savage Land conflict between the ’70s era heroes and their modern counterparts. Who was a Skrull and who was not? The issue revealed quite a bit and despite an epic battle, delivered some touching moments as well.

But what about the rest of the world? What about New York City, the epicenter of the Marvel Universe? The final pages of that second issue seemed to suggest that Bendis would be moving the focus of his story elsewhere, and our exclusive two-page spread preview seems to confirm that. The Young Avengers, facing a battalion of Skrull super soldiers, must battle the odds to save the innocent. We’ve also included the variant cover for the issue by Leinil Yu, which features Spider-Woman… with a crown and on a Skrull throne? Recent developments have suggested quite a bit about Jessica Drew… time will tell what is the truth.

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