Rounding up the latest news from the “black capes”…

— Libra to step to the fore. [HERALD-DISPATCH] “I’m the only one who knows there was a war in heaven, and evil won. The multiverse takes a single breath like a runner posed on the line and it’s my breath. There is a sound. A sound like the crack of doom. Like a starter’s pistol … and this is me. And now I remember.” These ominous words followed by a lightening bolt appear at the end of “DC Universe No. 0”, a one-shot prelude to the upcoming “Final Crisis.” Read more here.

— Libra features in more Post-Crisis Reviews. [WEEKLY CRISIS] The entire Multiverse is threatened as the mysterious Libra assembles an army of the DCU’s most terrifying super villains. But what is the ultimate plan, and who will live to find out? Read more here.

— Z-Lister to make big kill in Final Crisis (SPOILERS). [CBR] Okay, so we’ve all heard the rumors: ****** will die in Final Crisis and apparently we found his killer in JLA this week in the form of *******, a total Z-list villain. WTF? Read the spoilers here.