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Episode 34 Show Notes: Since we started this podcast, we’ve discussed amongst ourselves the need to finally have The Talk with our listeners. See, there are an awful lot of companies hosting contests and/or making promises of tremendous loads of cash in exchange for services. In the best case scenario, they’re offering a service that the average webcartoonist could do on his or her own (keeping all of the resulting profits). In the worst cases, the company is stealing the rights of the creator away for a metaphorical handful of beads. So we talk about PDF-sellers, IP farms, contests, and contracts: What do avoid, and why.

In the light of the recent smarmy Tokyopop contract, it seems our discussion is more timely than ever.

Oh. And along the way, I mention how I doubt I’d have the intestinal fortitude to handle a site like PVPmakesmesad aimed at my work. I should have known better than to have said it out loud. See? 🙂

I said last week’s podcast was one of the best ever. This one is as good or better. Listen now!