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This week’s question…

A reader writes… I’ve been in the military for seven years and just recently broke up with my girlfriend, whom I’ve been dating for three years. Recent stress on both sides caused us to argue and fight over the most minute situations. I never showed her my anger until now. She couldn’t take it and left me. She would not answer my calls, texts, or e-mails. Finally, I agreed we could just be friends, but I am scared. If we are just friends she will continue on with her life. I don’t think she will come back to me on her own. If I pressure her I may drive her even further away. All I know is I need and want her. I want to marry her and raise a family. The worst part is, even if we get back together, we will still be apart for the remaining three years I have left in the military. I am scared what may happen until then.

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