Every now and again, you get a panel, such as the one above from Final Crisis #2, that makes you remember why you love comics.

Several of the DCU’s top baadies have been assembled — at a strip club, no less — by Libra to discuss a new super-villain team-up scheme, and the panel above shows them dispersing after the meeting. Shadow Thief makes a sneaky exit across a girder, several unlikely pairs kibitz on their exit, and Dr. Sivana nonchalantly motors away in the most ridiculous looking assault vehicle imaginable. With a perfectly straight face.

I love how DC writers have played Lex Luthor against Dr. Sivana in recent months. Their clashes in Salvation Run were some o the few high points in that series.

It’s as if Dr. Sivana is the ugly, red-headed (well, bald-headed) stepsister to the superstar Luthor. Yet, it’s clear that Sivana is an amazingly gifted evil genius in his own right.

What makes you love Sivana is that he’s an oddball nutjob evil genius — and he embraces it. Sure, he could modify his approach to be more like the ubiquitous Lex. But he embraces the quirkiness that makes him Sivana.

And if that means driving a vehicle that looks like a reject from a straight-to-video, live-action Jetsons movie, then that’s what he’s gonna do.

I’ll bet it even made the same bubbly sound when he guns the engine.

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