Hi everybody! It’s me, Brandi!

I just wanted to update all of Mr. Guigar’s fans on my progress with my internship.

Mr. Guigar is a very, very busy man. And he’s always so stressed out. I told him that I give an excellent full-body massage. Heck, how did he think I made the money to afford college?

The next day, a massage table was delivered to his studio. Unfortunately, between that and the Coleman Web server, there’s no room in the studio for it. Mr. Guigar says not to worry, though. He said there’s a lot of stuff in the studio that doesn’t really need to be there. He said that clumsy, old drawing table took up way too much room anyway.

It’s very exciting to be part of the daily production of Mr. Guigar’s daily comic strip. I mean, here I am, in the studio, watching the production of the top-ranked comic strip on the Web! Mr. Guigar is soooo humble, though. He told me not to spread it around that I know that. He says that not everybody in the world needs to know how fabulously popular his strip is.

For such a tremendously talented man, Mr. Guigar is a real giver. He keeps mumbling under his breath all the things he’d love to give me.

My work station has just gotten an upgrade, too. I now have my very own Web cams! Three of them — just to record the important work that I’m doing!

He’s very thorough. He’s got every angle covered. Although my leg keeps bumping into one of them. He keeps laughing to himself about the new Web site that he’s started that’s pulling down so much money! I can’t wait to see it! He says I was a big inspiration! Maybe I’ll see a little of myself on the site!

Finally, thanks to all of the kind fans who have written offering to help me do the research for the Courting Disaster comics. If there’s anything I can do to help, just let me know!