One of the big reveals in Wizard World Chicago last weekend was the image to the right. Displayed during Marvel’s Secret Invasion panel, this teaser image seems to show a villainous parallel to the Illuminati (Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, Prince Namor, Black Bolt, Charles Xavier and Dr. Strange).

Brian Bendis’ remarks during the panel eluded to a special one-shot planned for the first quarter of 2009, writen by him and illustrated by Alex Maleev. from the Marvel Messageboards:

“I’m not going to say what it is, but it kind of looks like an evil Illuminati,” Bendis said.

The writer said the image teases a special one-shot that’s coming out by Bendis and Maleev in first quarter 2009, “in very much the same format as the original Illuminati special where we introduced the Illuminati.”

“And there’s an eclipse behind them. That’s weird,” he added.

Best bets on identifying the unusual suspects: the new, female Loki, Emma Frost, Namor, Doctor Doom, The Hood and … Norman Osborne (?)

There’s a little debate on the I.D. of the central, suited human.

So, who would fill out the roster in your version of the Illumi-naughty.