This is the capper to a terrific run by Warren Ellis and Mike Deodado Jr. I’ve run somewhat hot and cold on the title. I can’t say that Deodado’s art has been hitting the target for me on every title, but I’ve by no means been dissatisfied with it either. Ellis, of course, is a proven writer, but you really have to respect what he’d achieved with the character of Norman Osborn / Green Goblin. Moreso than anyone else, Ellis has brought renewed energy to this multi-faceted character and made him relevant to the entire Marvel Universe.

Pop Syndicate has a pretty good take on it.

[POP SYNDICATE] I have to admit that Thunderbolts was originally one of the greatest concepts of the last several years of comics: Take a team of new superheroes who become instant successes, and on the final page are revealed to be the Masters of Evil! All in the very first issue! That’s just sick in how cool that idea was. Over time, however, it started going in weird directions and I tuned out. When Civil War happened and Warren Ellis took over the writing duties, it really got back on track by taking some of the worst supervillains in existence and made them a unit that would track down unregistered superhumans and take them into custody. Read the entire review.