Rounding up the latest news from the “black capes”…

RETURN OF ‘VILLAINS UNITED’ [DC] As many of us heard at NYCC ’08, Gaile Simone is helming another run of The Secret Six, a series she introduced in 2006 that focused on a loosely organized group of B-list villains who rebelled against Lex Luthor’s “Secret Society.”

Longtime readers of this blog will remember that I was absolutely nuts of Simone’s work on Villains United. So, I’m super-hyped to see the ads appearing for a new run of the Secret Six.

From the NYCC ’08 interview, via Newsarama, quoth Ms Simone:

It wouldn’t be the Six without Catman, Deadshot, Scandal, and Ragdoll. But beyond that, we have an a-list Bat-villain, and then a new character, a female, who is hot beyond reason. We’re already nuts about her. She’s simply the sexiest thing to come down the pike in a while, and she’ll happily twist your head off for you if you look at her askance. She makes even Deadshot nervous!

Read the entire interview here.