Please join us in congratulating Green Goblin Norman Osborn as Evil Inc’s Employee of the Week. Norman has been a loyal villain for decades now. He was one of the very first masked villains on the scene. But in the past few years, he has catapulted his career to stratospheric heights of evil … and he’s done so by removing his mask.

Sure, he’s not afraid to don the Goblin suit and go toe-to-toe with some charged-up opponents, but Norman has been at his absolute zenith in his Brooks Brothers suit, becoming perhaps one of the pre-eminent forces for bad in the Marvel Universe.

Take his cucumber-cool response to seeing his Thunderbolts team obliterated in Michael-Phelps-time when their stronghold is attacked by the Captain Marvel Skrull. It happens in Secret Invasion #5. Megatons of meta-ability lay prostrate at his loafers, and Norman bests the Skrull with exactly 169 words. (Click on the panel above for start-to-finish action.)

Among the finest of the Osborn verbiage, as he confronts a Captain Marvel who still grapples with his Skrull-ness:

I know something about not being sure if you’re really pink… or green.

If you happen to catch him sliding his glider into the Employee-of-the-Week parking spot in the Evil Inc garage, be sure to shake his hand and have a few words with the man who may just be the very top villain in the entire Marvel Universe.

Just don’t go very far beyond 150 or so,

Any more than that and we can’t be held responsible.