Quick updates on a couple titles I’ve been following…


I’ve completely given up on Trinity. It started off with a wanna-be super-villain named… and I’m being completely serious here… Konvikt.

As if the ham-handed name wasn’t enough, his accomplice is a scheming muppet.

The plot has become hopelessly muddled, and at this point, I think I’ve stopped caring for good. I don’t care about the tarot reader, I don’t care about the female gorilla, and I don’t care about the Crime Syndicate (the most unimaginative super-villain group on record).

I’ve waited too long to see this thing go somewhere. I’m moving on.


I’ve been following Green Lantern Corps solely because I’m a diehard Green Lantern fan, and I can still remember reading the “Tales from the Green Lantern Corps” stories in the back of the GL books in the 80s.

I have to say, the title has been a solid middler for me, but this past issue is showing some promise. They’ve been developing some very meaty characters in the Corps, but, more importantly, they’re developing one heck of an intriguing villain line-up. Most recently, it was Mongul, and now… wow.

In issue #27, a mysterious villain dumps a load of eyes right onto a group of Lanterns as they train on Oa. Whoa. That took (eye)balls.

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