The Week in Villainy: Taking stock of super-villains

Mary Marvel: I stood second to no one — no one — in my enthusiasm for Mary Marvel’s walk on the wild side. As you remember, I was one of the first to applaud the black-leather-clad Marvel sis.

But now, in Final Crisis #3, we see where the path of evil has led Mary. Straight to an anime hairdresser and Frederick’s of Hollywood. (Click on the image to the right for a two-panel excerpt.)

The sexploitation of Mary Marvel was one thing. For months, we were treated to any possible excuse for drawing her so we could peep up her black, leather skirt. But that was still in line with comic superhero norms, for better or worse.

But this? Shaved head? Pink piggy tails? A lightning-bolt-cutout to accentuate her increased cleavage?

OK… I’ll admit, I’m a little jealous that I didn’t think of that last one for Lightning Lady.

But still… what made Mary Marvel intriguing as a villain was a good girl thrust into a bad girl’s role. It had such conflict — such possibility.

This. This trampy nemesis has none of that depth. None of that dimension. She’s completely flat.

With or without the lightning-bolt cut-out.

Her VQ rating drops to a 1.