More news from Fan Expo in Toronto.

[CBR]: DiDio confirmed that a new Plastic Man series will happen one day, the book’s biggest advocate just needs to free up some time in his incredibly busy schedule.

“The biggest problem [with the hold on the title] is we’re not going to do ‘Plastic Man’ without Ethan,” said DiDio. “That’s the rule now. I don’t see the reason to do it. [Plastic Man] can do guest star appearances here and there but there is no sense doing the book without Ethan. He’s the most passionate about it.

“Also Plastic Man is a character that –I hate to say it– but he needs star power to draw attention to [his title] and with Ethan’s support and what he brings to the table, that’s the way to do the book. But naturally with everything going on with ‘The Flash: Rebirth’ and other projects floating around, it’s just a matter of time of getting into it more than anything else.”

OK. Bad news: They clearly don’t want me to draw Plastic Man. Good news: They haven’t decided on a writer yet.