Matt Newtwon of Comic News has just posted an interview with Your Favorite Nemesis.

One of the newest developments in the world of comics is webcomics or online comics. These publications are found on the Internet, often exclusively. Some comics are published in newspapers and books with an online archive. Most webcomics are self-published as the Internet allows almost anyone to author and publish their own creation. Webcomics cover a variety of genres and subjects and range from traditional cartoon strips to graphic novels.

In this new series of interviews, CNI sits down with some of the hottest creators and upcoming creators of webcomics on the Internet today to talk about what got them into this medium, where they see this medium going and what influences them and the work they do. In this installment, ENI’s very own Matt Newtwon talks with Brad Guigar the man behind Evil Inc. and one of the authors of the ever-popular book “How to Make Webcomics.”

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