I know… I know…. I’ve already waxed hysterical over the new, evil Mary Marvel In Final Crisis #3 written by Grant Morrison. I’ve already made it clear that I thought that a characterization such as that had so many possibilities and was being undervalued in its current incarnation.

I mean… a truly evil Mary Marvel would be thrilling to draw and to write, right? I was certain of it — as if I had already seen it.

So, I’m doing this charity appearance in Moorestown, NJ, this Saturday. part of the gig is that my friend Michael is gathering comics and graphic novels to ship overseas to military men and women. I’m clearing out my comics stash, selecting issues that I know I’m never going to want to either re-read or save for what ever little increase in value they may be fated for. And I come across the reason that I was so convinced that they’re doing Mary wrong.

Because I’ve already seen it done right in JLA Classified #8!

Remember? The “I Can’t Believe It’s Not The Justice League” run by Giffen, DeMatteis, Macguire and Rubinstein?! August of 2005?!?

They travel to a ubiquitous parallel Earth only to be greeted by an evil Mary Marvel. I had completely forgotten all about it until I was doing the little trip-down-memory-lane in my comics closet.

Now this is how evil Mary should be done. It’s obvious the evil Mary in Countdown to Infinite Crisis #47 was based on the Giffens/DeMatteis version.

The costume is spot-on and the attitude is pitch-perfect. Throw in a little inner turmoil and set for a slow boil.

Let’s hope Morrison cleans out his back issues, too, real soon.