[POST CHRONICLE]: Stores around the country have been asked by DC comics to pull the “All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder” No. 10. comic off the rack.

A printing mistake that reveals several obscene words in the comic book. It has text where Batgirl tells a group of bad guys “Text every friend you’ve got, s—heads,” and “Sell your poison somewhere else.

This here arcade belongs to the f—ing Batgirl,” reports the New York Post.

“A printing gaffe has caused a problem with All Star Batman, as soon as the problem was discovered, we quickly asked retailers to pull the issue, we apologize to our retailers and fans for any offense or inconvenience,” Fox News quoted a DC Comics spokesperson, as saying in a statement.

DC comics spokesman revealed swear words were supposed to have been blacked out, but two shades of black were used and the expletives are clearly legible.

DC Comics was able to stop some shipments, and has asked retailers who got copies to destroy them.

And in other Bat-news…

[IGN]Either Michael Caine believes all the Batman 3 casting gossip that he reads in the British tabloids, or he knows something we don’t. Well, now we know it, too, because he’s blabbed about it.

In a chat with MTV, the actor who portrays Alfred the butler in Christopher Nolan’s Batman films said, “They’ve already got (the villains) in mind. … It’s Johnny Depp as The Riddler. And The Penguin is Philip Seymour Hoffman. I read it in the paper.”

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