I’ve added a special page for readers who are new to Evil Inc. It’s a special synopsis of the storyline to help you quickly catch up with the overall plot. It’s a quick read, and you’ll be familiar with all of the main characters and plot points in a jiffy.

Before I do my rundown of other site features, let me take a moment to thank all of you for responding to my call to use StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc. to promote Evil Inc. It has only been a few weeks since I mentioned it, and currently StumbleUpon and Reddit are dominating my referral logs. In other words, every time you Stumble Evil, an angel gets its wings. Or something. But it sure makes me happy, and helps me to continue to bring you this strip day after day. You guys are the best readers in comics. Before you write, I realize that IE users still can’t see the necessary icons under the strip to participate. I’m still hammering that out. Please bear with me.

And now… the traditional role call of exciting site features…

Top of the list is my e-mail subscription system, which emails the daily comic and recent blog posts to you free of charge. Just enter your e-mail address in the box to the right where it says >> Get this comic e-mailed to you free << RSS feed:Found here, It’s really a great way to keep up with updated site content.

Forum: Click on the “Forum” link above to see the new look. The forum posts and the blog posts are both found here, so you can participate in both when you go there.

Social networking: Check out the row of cool new social networking buttons below the daily comic. You can now share this comic using: StumbleUpon, Reddit, Google, SlashDot, Digg, MyYahoo, Furl, or Del.icio.us.

As before, Evil Inc has a MySpace Page and a Facebook Fan Club.

You can share Evil Inc through Facebook using the Profile Comics app.
You can even share the evil goodness by sending an e-postcard. Just click on the icon next to “Send a Postcard” under the comic.

Buying art: It’s now easier than ever to order prints and original art. Evil Inc has a cool, new storefront!