TWiV: Taking stock of super-villains

Scratch Fury: How do you know when you’ve arrived as a super-villain? Is it the cushy lair in the Carpathian Mountains? Is it the leagues of toadying henchmen? Is it the knowledge that you’ve finally mastered the “mwa” in your “mwa-ha-ha”?

Let’s face it, all of those things are nice, but true super-villian status only comes with what the Joker once called “all of those wonderful toys…”

PvP’s Scratch Fury has arrived.

From the site: We partnered with Gensen figures to produce this high-quality collector’s maquette depicting the coiled rage of Scratch Fury: Destroyer of Worlds. Scratch stands 5 inches tall (6.5 inches from base to wrench) and is hand painted solid resin. Figure is packaged in sealed plastic inside a custom-designed box. This item is limited to initial orders. Will not be made again.

Additional views are featured on the order page.

Scratch Fury’s VQ rating takes a jump to 9, surpassing the current ratings of both Norman Osborne and Lex Luthor. With the possible exception of the Skrulls, he is the “it” villain of the moment.