Rounding up the latest news from the “black capes”…

DC villains: [NEWSARAMA] For the month of January, the main DC Universe titles will be taken over by the villains of the DCU.

Not just that, there will also be three to four villain-centric one-shots hitting that month as well.

“This actually started when we came up with the slogan, ‘The Day Evil Won,'” Executive Editor Dan DiDio said. “That’s become the cornerstone of so much that’s going on within Final Crisis. We built an ad campaign around it, and we also created those anti-motivational ads featuring some of our most recognizable villains.”

“We had a great response to those ads, which pretty much led to wanting to bring the villains of the DC Universe into focus. So, we decided for the month of January, to bring the villains into the spotlight, give them a chance to shine, and give them the opportunity to take over the series that they are appearing in.”

As you may remember, I first alerted you to the burgeoning number of villain-centric titles at DC on Sept. 9. It looks as if the count as grown from three to four since then. Which only causes me to reiterate: D’ya think someone at DC is a fan of Evil Inc?