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This week’s question…

A reader writes… Q: I’m married but for the past seven years my wife has had no time for me and obviously no longer loves me. We stay together because we can’t afford to live apart. We both work for the same employer but in different areas. About 18 months ago I fell in love with a married co-worker. She seemed happily married until about a year ago. She shared all of their problems with me when she needed someone to talk to. I felt this brought me closer to her. About six months ago she went to work in a different part of our building. I found myself realizing how much I had been missing her everytime we ran into each other. I think about her when I go to sleep at night and start thinking about her when I wake up in the morning. A couple of months ago she told me that she had forgiven her husband for everything even though he is a total jerk. I am devestated and am thinking that I’m all alone again — I’ve lost something that I thought could make me happy. What should I do — I still want us to end our marriages and be together.

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