Starting today, “Evil Inc” will begin appearing in front of 800,000 more people. The Trend, circulated throughout the suburban areas of Philadelphia, covers eight counties within the Delaware Valley.

The Trend is a weekly publication, and it will run six “Evil Inc” strips in every issue. As I do in my graphic novels, I will convert the strips to read in a continuous narrative — resulting in a short, standalone “Evil Inc” story in every edition.

Trend readers will be brought into the “Evil Inc” world from the beginning with a few months of “best of” strips from the series’ start that will eventually dovetail with the strips being sent out to other newspapers (such as the 150,000-circulation Philadelphia Daily News, which runs the series in its comic-strip format every day).

After the Oct. 1 launch, “Evil Inc” will be added to other community editions of The Trend, as well as The Star and the Northeast Times — two other weekly newspapers published by the Trend’s parent organization, Philadelphia Newspapers, Inc.

Through this roll-out, “Evil Inc” will have been introduced to a whopping 1.2 million new readers by January 1, 2009.

Readers of The Trend may already be somewhat familiar with my work, as the paper has prominently featured me in its coverage of Wizard World Philadelphia for the last two years.