The Week in Villainy: Taking stock of super-villains

Hush: In Detective Comics 849 we get the Big Reveal that Hush has taken his plastic surgery to new heights: He has made himself over to look like Bruce Wayne. Moreover, on a very clever twist on the old “got’cher nose” gimmick, he’s holding Selena Kyle’s heart hostage. If Batman fails, the support system keeping Kyle alive — as well as the system keeping the heart viable — power down and it’s the end of our Favorite Feline.

It’s a move like that which shows an incredible amount of dedication for a villain. He not only is ready to take over as Bruce Wayne, but he also already has Selena’s heart.

Hush moves to a solid seven on the VQ scale.

It would have been an eight, but TWiV knows that Dr. Hugo Strange has already mined the whole “take over Batman’s identity” thing pretty deeply.