Steady C-lister Solomon Grundy gets his own solo title in January. From the DC solicit:

Written by Scott Kolins & Geoff Johns
Art by Scott Kolins
Cover by Shane Davis & Sandra Hope

The marsh monster stars in his first solo book ever! Who was the man who would be reborn as Solomon Grundy? Discover the secret history of the creature as his curse is explored and redefined in this one-shot special!

On sale January 7, 32 pg, one shot, FC, $2.99

Grundy has been a staple of the DCU for years — going back to the Silver Age Golden Age. With the notable exception of the time they resurrected him with intelligence, he’s always been a reliable foil for top DC talent. TWiV is optimistic that this new take on Grundy’s origin story will elevate a faithful nemesis to a deservedly higher plateau.

Grundy debuts TWiV with a VQ of four.