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This week: An extra question…

A reader writes… Q. At a weekly get-together my husband and I host, we have an odd issue occurring with three of our friends. One pal, “Mike”, seems to have his eye on “Valerie”, even though “Valerie” is dating “Tony” and everyone is aware of this. This situation has been going on outside of the get-together, but “Valerie” has been feeling bad about it and told us, even though she doesn’t want “Mike” to know that we know. I’m concerned that this situation might hurt everyone around, even those not involved should it bubble to the surface. “Valerie” seems meek about it, but has stressed that she prefers “Tony” over “Mike”, and “Mike” has his own issues that he’s been trying to straighten out. On my take, “Mike” is too self-centered and blind to be in a relationship, especially if he’s trying to show up “Tony” in front of “Valerie”. Is there any point where I should feel responsible to do something about this?

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