Can I share a little story about my friend, Dave Kellett?

Dave very kindly sent me a thank-you gift recently. Being the joker he is, he addressed it to “BRAD ‘SWEETCHEEKS’ GUIGAR.”

When it was delivered, I was upstairs, working in my studio, and I didn’t hear the mail carrier knocking on my door. I got one of those slips instead — the kind that say that you have to pick up your parcel at the Post Office.

The next morning, as my wife was driving my boys and me to the train station so I could take the kids to school, I asked her to make a stop at the Post Office along the way.

I walked in, rang the bell, and waited.

A huge man walked up to the window to take my slip and retrieve my parcel.

He returned, but just as he was about to push the box through the portal, he stopped, frowned playfully, and said:

“Aw, man! What’s with the ‘Sweetcheeks?'”

I burst into laughter and finally composed myself enough to say that having a comedian for a friend is a blessing and a curse.

As I walked out to the car, I was still giggling to myself.

“What’s gotten into you?” asked my wife.

I told her the story, and we had a good laugh.

She dropped us off at the station for the elevated line, and I took the boys off to school.

Nice story, right? Here’s the button.

As we’re walking up to the school, my 6yo walks up to the first mom he sees on the playground, and says:

My dad’s friend, Dave, calls him ‘Sweetcheeks.‘”

Luckily, my son’s school is a very liberal school. The woman was all too happy to express her tolerance towards my lifestyle.