Gail Simone’s Secret Six has lived up to expectations completely in its second run, with more phenomenal characterizations, tight art, a fascinating villain (Junior), and a serious plot hook.

In case you’re late to the party: The gang has found themselves in possession of something that has all of the villains in the DCU foaming at the mouth in their zeal to get their hands on it: A Get-Out-Of-Hell-Free card.

Newsarama checked in with Ms. Simone for an update as ish 4 hit the stands.

[NEWSARAMA]: This week sees the latest issue (#4) of DC’s Secret Six hit comic shops (preview here), and continues the “Unhinged” arc which sees the anti-team making a mad dash across the country with Tarantula in tow. Their goal? Gotham City where they’ll deliver Tarantula and the mysterious artifact she has — the “Neron Card.”

Filled with “whu?” Don’t worry – we spoke with Secret Six writer Gail Simone to sort everything out.

Newsarama: Alright Gail — first things first — we’re three, well, four counting this week’s issue into a series called “Secret Six,” and you’ve still got only five full-time members. There have been some possibilities moving in and out, and currently, we’re seeing Tarantula in with the five (albeit unwillingly), but is the plan to keep that sixth slot open?

Gail Simone: Let’s do the big SPOILER ALERT yellow CRIME SCENE tape thing here, and assume it works for the rest of the article, okay?

Read the interview.

Read the four-page preview.