Victor Buono would be proud.

As you may know, some of the villains that appeared on the Batman TV show from the 60s were created solely for the tube — instead of being developed from the comic.

King Tut was one such villain, appearing in five episodes. But, as CBR reports, he’s going to finally get his proper due on the printed page.

[CBR]: [Co-writer Nunzio] DeFilippis told CBR News that King Tut was one of his personal favorites from the cult classic TV show, so it was a decidedly cool assignment to bring the character to the DC Universe proper, even though this incarnation is slightly different than the one from the ’60s series. “He’s a bit different in comic form than he was in the TV show for two reasons,” explained DeFilippis. “One, the tone of the comics versus the tone of the show and two, legal/copyright issues. The TV show exists in a strange place where DC, which is part of Warner Bros., owns Batman and Robin and the Commissioner and the characters invented in the comic, but the show itself is now owned by Fox. So who owns the characters invented for the show? It’s a thorny issue, and it’s generally kept the show’s new villains far from the comics.”

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King Tut enters the villainscape on very modest ground, coming in at a VQ rating of 3. That’s actually not too bad for the newcomer. To be fair, it would have been a 2, but… Victor Buono, man! He was in Robin and the 7 Hoods. If he’s good enough for The Chairman, that’s good enough for VQ.