I’m resurrecting this thread from August because I just now figured out how to make those little icons appear for those of you using Internet Explorer! The plea remains the same: I get tons of traffic when people “Stumble” the strip, so please don’t hesitate to do so if one of the gags or scenes strikes your fancy.

I just took a look at my site traffic stats, and I’m seeing a tremendous amount of traffic from StumbleUpon.com.

This is a site through which you can flag interesting sites for your friends or whomever else browses your StumbleUpon page.

First off, THANKS!

Secondly, it made me realize that, perhaps, I should point out the StumbleUpon icon beneath each daily strip that will help you Stumble your favorite Evil Inc strip for your friends. That way everyone knows they can Stumble Evil Inc

As you can see by the illustration above, it’s the first icon after “Share this ‘toon.”

So, what are you waiting for? Get Stumblin’!