Evil Inc sadly notes the passing of a woman whose voice personified evil itself, Eartha Kitt. Whether she was rasping “Santa Baby,” or purring at Adam West’s Batman as the quintessential Catwoman, you just knew she was up to no good as soon as she parted her lips.

[OBIT MAGAZINE] Sex symbols always confront the world’s morality, but few went to such lengths as Eartha Kitt, who died on Christmas Day from colon cancer at age 81 after some six decades of being a flash point of provocative glamour. Whether asking Santa Claus for a yacht (with an obvious payback in mind) in her hit “Santa Baby” or seductively plying a man young enough to be her grandson with champagne during her nightclub act, Kitt presented herself with a take-it-or-leave-it attitude that defied the judgments of others. While the pop music world breathlessly wonders if the similarly confrontational Madonna has gone too far, those sexual-cum-political trails were blazed earlier and more completely by Eartha Kitt.

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And special thanks to Henchman Rem Dog who passes along a wonderful clip of a song I need to remember for the closing credits of the Evil Inc TV series…