So Trinity does it to me again. I had completely fallen away from the story. The blue villagers… the screwed up characters… the plot threads dropped never to be seen again… the discordant art styles…

I had finally made a note to pull the title from my reserve list. I mean, it’s a weekly buy for me. That’s a lot of money to be sinking into something I scan over without actually reading anymore.

Except when I gave issue 30 one, final scan, I came across my all-time favorite character in the DCU in one, single panel. There was the poster boy for under-used brilliance, Plastic Man himself, shown on Page 21 as part of some sort of Tarot-card-based version of the Justice Society that the reality-altered Hawkman is assembling.

Aside: I’ve never, ever found Tarot cards more annoying than I do after reading this series. Please. Dear God, let this Reality Shift thing change the concept to Gin Rummy or Euchre or Uno or anything!

And last week, there’s the preview of Trinity #34.

And there’s my man Eel O’Brien, right there on the cover. Looks like the DCU might just use him for a few panels after years of neglect.

Damn you, Trinity, just when I thought I was out… you keep pulling me back in