There’s been something bothering me about Batman: Cacophony #2 ever since I first read it. The hook is solid, the art is great, and I’m fully invested in the story.

But… well, check out these excerpts from two-and-a-half pages of Alfred and Bruce Wayne in the Batcave.

Alfred: If you ever wanted to triple the Wayne fortune, Master Bruce… All you’d need to do is invest in a suture manufacturer.

Bruce: …Further proof no Leaguer should ever let someone else assume their mantle.
Alfred: I’m sure Jean Paul Valley would be heartbroken to hear you say that, sir.

Bruce: I liberated them from Star City General Hospital shortly after the incident.
Alfred: you most definitely need a hobby, Master Bruce.

Bruce: What do Virago, Buckeye, Green Arrow and I have in common?
Alfred: Minor psychoses and god complexes, sir?.

Here’s the thing: What makes Alfred a stellar character is that he’s from the David Niven school of humor — ultra dry and delivered with a sly smile that never veers into a smirk. This didn’t read so much as David Niven to me. It was more like Henny Youngman.

But I still love this series. Smith had me hooked in Issue One when the Joker dropped trou’ for Onomatopoeia. It takes a bit to make my jaw drop, and this one had me staring and re-reading in disbelief.