Fresh off my high from New York Comic Con, I’m appearing at Katsucon in Arlington, Va, this weekend. Better still, I’ll be hanging out with two of my Halfpixel pals, Dave and Kris.

If you life on the Right Coast, and if have a copy of our book, How To Make Webcomics, this is your chance to get three out of the four authors’ signatures and maybe even buy a sketch.

We’re planning to do a fan meet-up at a nearby restaurant Saturday night — similar to the one Kris and I threw at Harvard — so if you’d like to come along and have dinner with Dave, Kris and I and a throng of Halfpixel fans, post an RSVP in the comment section below or drop me an e-mail. We’ll probably walk to the mall near the hotel and hit a restaurant there.

We’re really looking forward to this appearance, and we’re hoping to see you there!

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