Here are a few photos from my weekend at New York Comic Con. I did quite a few interviews, including this one with the Village Voice, and the Secret Identity podcast. As a matter of fact, if you head over the Secret Identity, you’ll see a wrap-up of the panel that I did (along with Chris Eliopoulos and Danielle Corsetto, among others).

Check out my photostream of the entire weekend.

Special thanks to arch-henchman Mike Ciccotello, whose webcomic, “Schoolhouse Daze,” relaunches April 1 (no foolin’). He shot photos all weekend — otherwise, I would have never been able to record a single shot. All of the photos were shot by him — including the ones from his trip to the Port Authority to pick up replacement books.

Recording a radio interview. Hopefully, they’ll send an mp3 or a link. It was a great conversation.

Matt Herring, from Secret Identity podcast, talks to me in the waning moments of the convention. We’ll have a link to that podcast shortly.